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          A Year of Communicating with People across the World through Korean Food [2012.01.12]

          이전 다음
          • 기사구분Asia - Korea
          • 조회수644 times
          • 작성자심규화

          Hallyu, or the “Korean Wave,” and Korean food are attracting growing attention around the world. With the
          hope that our efforts have been fruitful, we greet 2012, the Year of the Dragon.
          During the last year, the Korean Food Foundation endeavored to establish a historic foundation for Korean
          food culture by collecting and restoring authentic, traditional recipes with a focus on historic and cultural
          value. We also developed strategies to help Korean restaurants enter the global market in an effort to
          sharpen Korean food’s international competitive edge and to solidify the Korean Food industry’s global
          footing. To that aim, we published and distributed Korean food guidebooks that recommend excellent
          Korean restaurants across the world and held promotional events designed to help Korean food culture
          become a part of the everyday lives of people around the world.
          As a result of our efforts throughout the year, 31% of New Yorkers said they were fond of Korean food in
          2010, up from 9% in 2009. Matsunomi and Moranbong, two recommendations in our guidebook, joined
          the list of Michelin-rated restaurants, and Danji, a Korean restaurant in New York, was awarded a Michelin
          star. Promoting Korean food worldwide cannot be done overnight. It takes steady, long-term efforts. Yet,
          we are already seeing progress on the international stage-which shows the competitiveness of Korean
          Food as an appealing cuisine and cultural experience. Our endeavors will continue. We are planning to
          expand our promotion campaigns from major global cities to various regions and areas of the world,
          diversifying our offerings to meet the needs and desires of people from all levels of society.
          It has been six months since we first published The Taste of Korea to share the results of our activities and
          efforts to promote the globalization of Korean food with a broader range of the public. Thanks to the warm
          reception of our newsletter, the paper has grown thicker with its contents bolstered. Moreover, we are now
          adding an English translation to each article, so that this newsletter can contribute more to the promotion
          of Korean food internationally.
          The Taste of Korea will serve as a platform through which Korea can meet the world in order to popularize
          its cuisine on an international scale. We promise the Korean Food Foundation will spare no efforts to
          promote Korean Food culture vigorously throughout the world and will share our efforts and achievements
          with you in this newsletter.

          - Yang Il-Sun, Chair of the Korean Food Foundation

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