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          Korea Food Tour for Foreign Foodies Published as a Pocket Book [2012.01.12]

          이전 다음
          • 기사구분Asia - Korea
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          The Results of the Korean Food Foundation’ Initiatives

          Foreigners’Experiences with Korean Food Compiled for Publication

          Korea Food Tour for Foreign Foodies Published as a Pocket Book


          I used to feel it improper to consume foods which had been offered to ancestors in sacrificial rites. I never knew, however, the extent to which that action is closely connected with Korea’ history. As a part of Korean tradition, foods are dedicated to one’ deceased ancestors in jesa, or the Korean traditional memorial ceremony. And the foods sacrificed in the ceremony to the deceased are then consumed by the living.

          - From “t the Magpie Hole: Korean Jesa Foods”in Korea


          Food Tour for Foreign Foodies

          The 2011 edition of the Korea Food Tour for Foreign Foodies, a project launched by the Korean Food Foundation, was recently published as

          a pocket book. The project upon which the book is based was carried out to promote the taste and benefits of Korean food to foreigners living in or visiting Korea through providing various opportunities for them to directly experience Korean food and culture.

          The participants comprised of 25 expatriates in Korea, including Jacob Verville, one of the top 100 bloggers in the world, and Nadja Mathis,

          who runs a food-themed blog. The participants were divided into teams of five, and travelled to Korea’ Jeolla, Gyeongsang, Gangwon, and Chungcheong provinces, where they enjoyed local traditional dishes and specialties.

          The pocket book is a compilation of stories told from the perspective of these international food-lovers based on their three-day food tour of Korea.Each team of five gastronomes had their own theme for the trip, under which their compelling stories were told. Team Jung-ang Hansik(meaning “entral Korean food” tasted Andong’ jjimdak(braised chicken), Hoengseong’ Korean beef, and jesa foods; Team Frontiers discovered royal cuisine, ganjang gejang(crabsmarinated with soy sauce), yangnyeom gejang(crabs marinated with hot spices), and ureokjeotguk(salty

          fermented clam soup); Team Happy Bears indulged in kimchi, Jeonju’ bibimbap, and songeohoe(sliced rawtrout); Team Octopus Hunters enjoyed octopus dishes, Boseong’ green tea, and Jangheung’ samhap

          (fermented skate and boiled pork with kimchi); and Team Medieval Eel enjoyed citron tea, doenjang jjigae

          (soybean paste stew), and eel dishes.




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